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Es wird immer schwieriger, gute Instrumente mit Rio-Palisander ( Brazilian-Rosewood; Dalbergia Nigra) anzubieten.  Ich bin bestrebt, immer einige Gitarren aus diesem besonderen Holz im Gitarren Studio Neustadt vorrätig zu haben. Das gilt sowohl für Boden und Zarge, aber auch für Griffbrett und Brücke.


Akustik Gitarren von A bis L

Atkin Guitars was founded in Canterbury, England, in 1995. Since then we’ve grown steadily from a one-man operation building a handful of one-of-a-kind instruments each year to become one of the UK’s leading acoustic guitar makers.#

Over the years, we’ve worked on just about every model you can name, from golden-era pre-war Martins and Gibsons to the boutique makers who shook things up in the 70s and 80s. We know these guitars inside and out, and we pour all of that experience into every guitar we make.

All of our guitars are built by hand here in our workshop. We stick to tried-and-tested traditional construction methods, but we’re not afraid to embrace new technology where we feel it can do a better job, just as long as there’s zero compromise in terms of tone. So, for example, frets are fitted and finished by hand but we use precision computer-controlled routing to cut the fret slots. All our guitars feature nitrocellulose lacquer because we believe it’s still the best sounding, best looking finish a guitar can have.


Atkin Guitars was founded in Canterbury, England, in 1995. Since then we’ve grown steadily from a one-man operation building a handful of one-of-a-kind instruments each year to become one of the UK’s leading acoustic guitar makers.


Dana Bourgeois has been building guitars for over 40 years. He is known throughout the world for his superb craftsmanship and as one of the foremost authorities on the voicing, selection and utilization of fine acoustic tonewoods.


BSG Gitarren zählen zu den beliebtesten Gitarren in meinem Shop - das Preis-Leistungsverhältnis ist hervorragen. BSG Gitarren werden in der Nähe von Prag von einem kleinen Team um Jan Stovicek gebaut.

Ich werde immer einige Gitarren dieser Manufacturim Shop haben  - diese Instrumente sind aussergewöhnlich - im Klang, in der Optik und  in der Verarbeitung.


Bill Collings had a vision. It was to have a group of people create instruments that possessed the soul, sound and perfection that he tirelessly pursued and ultimately achieved. Though his physical presence is absent, his vision and principles have been instilled in the skilled team he selected and trained to continue his work and now his legacy. There is no substitute for hard work or the pursuit of perfection. Bill embodied these principles and so too does our team, which is dedicated to the same artistic mission he originally envisioned. Bill Collings will forever be in our hearts and minds while his life’s work will continue, unfaltering, in the hearts and hands of the Collings “family.” 


Guild was founded in 1953, in New York; later moving to New Jersey and then Rhode Island. The Guild Custom Shop represents the very finest in pure Guild craftsmanship and well over half a century of heritage as a premier U.S. guitar maker.


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Rainer Kallenbach is owner, and craftsman responsible for all the named KALLENBACH GUITARS.
Each of his instruments is a work of art, and he endeavours to create in each instrument the perfect tone, look and feel.

Akustik Gitarren von M bis Z

MATON Guitars, in Australien die unumstrittene Nummer Eins in der „Premier League“ der Gitarrenmanufakturen, ist für viele internationale Top-Gitarristen die Erste Wahl.

Zum größten Teil werden australische Holzarten, wie Queensland Maple, Queensland Walnut, Australian Blackwood und als Alternative zu Zeder oder Fichte, Bunya, ein sehr hartes, nur in Australien wachsendes Hartholz, für die Decke verwendet. Hälse  werden bei MATON ausschließlich aus Queensland Maple gefertigt.

Einen besonderen Fokus hat man auf die Verstärkung des akustischen Klangs gelegt. Instrument, Preampdesign und Pickup werden perfekt aufeinander abgestimmt. Nur so klingt eine akustische Gitarre auch bei sehr großen Lautstärken lebendig, dynamisch und druckvoll, so wie eben nur eine MATON Gitarre klingen kann.


Die Gitarrenbauer von PRS bauen nur eine "handvoll" Akustikgitarren im Jahr - jede mit großer Sorgfalt bei der Auswahl der Hölzer, perfekt in der Verarbeitung und Bespielbarkeit. Aber das Wichtigste - sie haben ihren ganz eigenen Klang, geformt und beinflußt von den vielen Künstlern, die Mr. Smith persönlich kennt und deren Mitarbeit gepaart mit seiner "Passion" zu diesen hervorragenden Instrumenten führt. 


Tradition is an important part of instrument making and the modern acoustic guitar is still based on this traditions. So you'll find fan braces or x-braces also in my instruments.

In addition to this I'm using old methods and materials where it makes sence to me. Related to this my high gloss finish is always done with shellack. It's acoustic potential is important for me as well as it's properties in health and enviromental protection.


LARS RASMUSSEN: "I grew up on the Swedish countryside and one day I realized that the spruce trees that had always surrounded me as a child were of the exact same spiecies as the ones used in the worlds most prized guitars and violins. I had never reflected over the fact that guitars were actually made by someone, and this realization lead me into the long journey of becoming a guitarmaker.


Acoustic Guitar magazine would describe the Mission of Kevin Ryan as one of the most influential guitars of the last thirty years: “A blueprint for scores of other builders” and “a modern classic.” The success of the Mission confirmed the shop Ryan shop’s burgeoning culture of seeking inspiration outside the guitar industry to conceive some of the most advanced acoustic guitar designs in existence.

....For thirty years, we've pushed the acoustic guitar toward the pinnacle of design efficiency to reach the next level of comfort, refinement, and acoustic response. Here's what we've come up with so far.  

Engineered Laser Cut Bracing. Strong and light for an exquisitely responsive soundboard. Plus Acoustic Honeycomb. Eliminates plate distortion and further reduces soundboard mass for iridescent tone. 

Spherically-Arched Back. Combines the focus and comfort of a standard body with the powerful acoustic voice of a deep-bodied instrument. 

The Ryan Bevel. Provides the ultimate ergonomic comfort for long performance sessions. With Acoustic Flutes. Situated on the Ryan bevel, these elegant sound ports direct and reflect sound from the guitar’s interior toward the player’s ear.


The Rozawod workshop is the vision of luthier Roman Zajíček, who is known as one of the finest guitar makers in Europe and considered as one of top five guitar makers worldwide. His instruments are known for their impressive tone and impeccable workmanship. Rozawood production is comprehensive, including mando-family instruments, resophonic, tenor or baritone guitars, though flattops are the foundation.

In der Nähe von Prag werden seit Jahrhunderten Instrumente gebaut - schon zu Zeiten, als in Amerika gute Hölzer für Pfeil und Bogen - aber noch lange nicht für Gitarren Verwendung fanden. In kleinen Manufacturen wurde das Wissen seit Generationen immer weiter gereicht. Heute findet man hier herausragende Gitarrenbauer, die weltweit Beachtung finden.  Neben Ryan, Olson und einigen anderen Namen aus dem "wilden Westen" hat sich Roman Zajicek mit ROZAWOOD schon seit Jahren als einer der innovativsten Gitarrenbauer auf diesem Planeten etabliert.

Ich werde immer einige Gitarren dieser Manufactur im Shop haben  - diese Instrumente sind aussergewöhnlich - im Klang, in der Optik, in der Verarbeitung und last but not least; im Preis-Leistungsverhältnis.


1972 begann Luthier Richard Hoover mit dem Bau von Gitarren und Carved-Top Mandolinen, bevor er 1976 seinen Schwerpunkt auf Modern Steelstrings legte. Sein Ziel, in allen Belangen des Gitarrenbaus ein Meister zu werden, sieht er als lebenslange Aufgabe an. Während seine Firma, die Santa Cruz Guitar Company, im Laufe der Jahre immer mehr gewachsen ist, hat Richard Hoover seine handwerkliche Kunstfertigkeit und sein Wissen über Gitarrenbau immer weiter verfeinert und erweitert. Handgefertigte Custom Akustikgitarren und Westerngitarren von Santa Cruzwerden von einigen der weltbesten Gitarristen gespielt, wie z. B. Eric Clapton, Tony Rice, Doc Watson, Warren Haynes, Elvis Costello, Joan Baez, um nur einige zu nennen.



“I was born close to Vienna, Austria and I am still proud to have the Austrian nationality although I moved to the Netherlands at an early age however been raised within the Austrian culture. My father was a watchmaker and I graduated with a diploma of Arts and later I got my diploma restoration of antique furniture. I actually  knew I wanted to be a guitarmaker when I did the course of restoration.   

Now I am guitarmaker for close to 40 years and have worked for some famous clients. (Al di Meola, Steve Howe, Chieli Minucci, Randy Bachman, Ahmet Kanneci , Camillo Sauvalle, Andreas Dombert and some famous collectors like Scott Chinery etc.)

I started building classical guitars and specialised in custom made guitars and later added the Archtop jazz guitar as it attracted my attention and passion.

All my guitars are exclusively handmade. I want my guitar to offer many tonal colours, great dynamic range and yet to have an intimacy as I feel that is the true sound of the instrument called guitar."



THOMAS GUITARS - das sind Thomas Orgler und Nikolaus Eilken. Die beiden Gitarrenbauer verbinden die alten Spanischen Methoden des Gitarrenbaus  mit modernem Design - sowohl in der Tonbildung als auch in der Optik.   Es kommen nur hervorragede Hölzer zum Einsatz - die  Decken stammen aus dem "eigenen" Wald - also beste Alpenfichte....


....As our Workshop is situated half an hour from the world-famous woods where the grandmasters Stradivari and Guarneri del Gesù have cut their tonewood, it has always been obvious for us that we range these woods to look for the oldest and biggest trees and cut them following the rules of nature, season and moon. After several years of air seasoning this wood becomes incredible light, stiff and almost moisture-proof combined with excellent tonal characteristics like a fast attack, a long sustain and plenty of overtones. With this Tonewood being our “materia prima” combined with a unique construction all our Instruments regardless of its shape share a very own character, a clear and sensitive tone with a high dynamic range and a lot of space for expression.



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