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santa cruz | h 13


Preis:  5.850 Euro 



The H 13 was first developed in this format in 1978—simply as the H model—at the suggestion of California guitarist Paul Hostetter. The instrument was partly inspired by Gibson’s rare, but prized original Nick Lucas model, and revamped by Santa Cruz founder Richard Hoover into a guitar that, when the bridge is repositioned optimally within the top’s sweet spot, finds 13 frets north of the body rather than the 12 that is the norm for the style. In addition, the H 13’s body has the depth of a much larger guitar.

Unverkennbar die tonale Handschrift von Richard Hoover - über Verarbeitungsqualität und Bespielbarkeit muß man bei SANTA CRUZ eh keine Worte verlieren.  Die Gitarre ist perfekt eingestellt - die Bespielbarkeit somit hervorragend. 



  • Typ: H 13
  • Decke: Sitka Spruce, scalloped Bracing
  • Boden: Mahagony
  • Zargen: Mahagony
  • Hals: Mahgagony
  • Mensur: 64,5
  • Kopfplatte: Slotted
  • Mechaniken: Open Waverly
  • Lackierung Decke: Highgloss 
  • Lackierung Boden/Zarge: Highgloss
  • Lackierung Hals: Matt
  • Case: Ja