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michael spalt  |  maccaferri´s hole20161202 013


Preis:  4.400 Euro 2.990 Euro 


Michael Spalt hat folgendes zu dieser Gitarre geschrieben:

Maccaferri is mostly known for his 'Django Reinhart' style Selmer guitars.  But he later also developed a line of plastic guitars which were quite successful and actually sounded quite good.  The f-hole is part of a top of one of these guitars which was picked out of the trash by a friend of mine.  Sadly it had been damaged beyond repair, so I used parts of it in various Totemguitars, as tribute and as a way of renewing their purpose.  Mahogany body, Maple neck with Purpleheart fingerboard.  Tele/P-90 'BoneTop' pickup configuration.

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