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mesa boogie | lonestar 2x12 custom


 Preis:   2.490 EURO

20180712 001


Dieser MESA BOOGEI "LONESTAR" war immer nur "Backup" - und  hat daher nur  ca. 20 Stunden Betriebszeit. Neupreis war - wegen des sehr schönen "Snakeskin" Bezugs bei 4.000 Euro. Fußschalter und Cover sind dabei.   


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two rock | classic reverb


 Preis:   2.990 EURO - verkauft / sold - 20180421 006


DER Two Rock Amp -  können John Mayer, Joe Bonamassa, John Scofield und viele andere Künstler irren?  Der aktuelle Preis liegt bei 4.500 Euro. Der Amp ist so gut wie neu!


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redplate | magica 


Preis:  - verkauf / sold -20180218 021


Like new! No scratches etc. Maximum 3 hours used. Just perfect!Featuring a Blackface inspired clean channel, a British inspired lead channel with two different levels of gain, an effects loop, and a 50 watt EL-34 output section. 

  • Clean Channel Features:
            • 3-way Mid Q (mode) Switch - (Norm, Fat and Less) is the key to vintage midrange frequencies in the clean tones. 
            • Pull Bright Switch – As the name implies, extends the upper frequencies.
            • Pull Middle knob – Notches out the “middle midrange” for emphasized Bass and Treble
    Lead Channel Features:
            • Gain 1 – Lets you go from British clean to crunch (3 gain stages).
            • Gain 2 – Starts at crunch and continues to soaring sustain (4 gain stages).      
  • Other Features:
    •   Pedal Friendly input.
    •   Depth control sets the effective frequencies of the presence circuit for cabinet tuning.

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tone king | sky king20130807 023

Preis: 2.590 Euro  .. so gut wie neu!! - verkauft / sold -

...  ein Auszug von der Homepage vom SKY KING:

I took the voicings of the Imperial, which cover a lot of ground - you get that nice 1960’s Blackface kind of sound for the cleans, and the lead channel goes from a real nice tweed to an early Marshall kind of thing - ....I added a pentode/ultralinear switch, to deliver those old vintage voicings but also modern voicings. So you can get all that funky mojo but you can also switch over to pentode mode and get a nice, crisp, sharp attack.

The Sky King’s basic clean tone is a lot like the Imperial, but when you play it you can hear that it doesn’t quite have the Imperial’s sharpness. Instead, the Sky King has this real rounded quality; this real syrupy kind of thing - like what you have with the Falcon. But the cool thing is that you can get the Imperial kind of thing as well. Just go to Pentode and you’ll get that real nice, 1960’s Fender-style sharp attack.

The Sky King’s lead channel tones are much like the Imperial. It’s got that same kind of mid-bite thing. If you turn it all the way down it’s a little more tweed, but you’ve got 6L6’s, so it’s going to give you a little different sound, with a little more beef to it. You can really hear the compression in the Sky King, too. Just like the Imperial, you can crank the mid-bite up and it brings up a peak in the upper midrange, tightens up the bass - but you still get that range.

And then there’s the built-in Ironman attenuator. It adds real value to this amp in its own right, but I took it a step further and gave it dual attenuation controls; one control for the rhythm channel and the other for the lead channel so you can match up the attenuation to perfectly meet your needs.”

 Der Amp hat nur wenige Betriebsstunde., kurz nach dem Kauf stand bei dem Kunden ein Akustik-Projekt im Vordergrund

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